"Throughout my career, I've mentored women in technical roles and discovered the need for strong advocacy for women and minorities in engineering. My husband and I decided that one piece of advocacy was to enable talented women and minorities to complete their degrees. We chose ASU because we believe we should support our local university, of which our son is a graduate."
-Vicki Panhuise, who with her husband, John, gave $25,000 to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering to support the Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship. The scholarship is especially significant for Vicki, who is one of only a few women who hold a vice-presidential position at a leading international engineering company.

2008-09 Board of Trustees

Martin Alvarez Sr.
James D. Armstrong
Tony M. Astorga
Lyle P. Campbell
Jose Cardenas
Edward Carson
Angela Cesal-Shaulis
John R. Christian
Jack C. Clifford
Tony Corey
Michael M. Crow
Scott A. Crozier
Pam Del Duca
Cathy Dickey
Wayne S. Doran
Jacquelynn Dorrance
Douglas A. Ducey
Geoffrey H. Edmunds
Stephen O. Evans
Juanita Francis
Ira Fulton
Grady Gammage Jr.
Michael Glimcher
John W. Graham
Penelope Gunning
Derrick M. Hall
Diane M. Halle
Gary K. Herberger
Maria Hesse
Robert D. Johnson
James Kane
L. Birt Kellam
Lamonte H. Lawrence
Anne Mariucci
Charles J. Michaels
Phil Mickelson
Florence Neslon
Tony Paoni
Harry Papp
William J. Post
Johnnie D. Ray
Edward J. Robson
Peter B. Schust
John Solheim
Bryan Sperber
Patricia Stark
Brian Swette
Markos Tambakeras
Gary Tooker
Gary Trujillo
Gregg Tryhus
Kenneth Van Winkle Jr.
Gregory J. Vogel
Scott Wald
Craig E. Weatherup
Christine Wilkinson
Julie A. Wrigley

Key Staff

Johnnie Ray, president and CEO
Shaun Brenton, corporate relations
Don Couvillion, real estate development
Jackie Ferguson, foundation relations
Karen Greene, operations and services
Kristin Irwin, president's office
Gregory Leet, development
Jackie Norton, presidential investors
Judith Pillon, estate and gift planning
Ann Toca, communications and marketing
Judy Van Gorden, business and resource       services